Sheila and MaweeSplendid Specialties started out as a hobby, founded by two fabulous sisters who have decided to embark on a career that would cater to their talents and creativity. Their passion is centered on making unique products with a touch of modernity & simplicity. But what clearly sets them apart is their remarkable concern for the interests of their clients.

“Our goal is to work hand in hand with our clients. We aim for constant interaction to completely grasp what they really want so we can create gifts that undoubtedly reflect their personalities. That’s why our gifts are special, extraordinary, individually made and not mass produced.” –Sheila

“We create one-of-a-kind gifts just for you. With a reasonable budget, whatever the theme, whatever the occasion is, we can come up with gifts that will make a lasting impression. We also want your guests to feel special & appreciated too.” –Mawee

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